The Legend of the Lawyer who became a developer

Not so long ago, in a land far far away, in a small village lived a not so young lawyer. This lawyer was not happy. After 10 years as a lawyer he decided to leave his comfort zone and follow his heart. He wanted to join the ranks of the mysterious heroes known as developers.

This is his story.

One day on everyone’s surprise he said:
– I will no longer be a lawyer, I will find a way to became a developer.
– But you are not so young, and you don’t have the appropriate education, developers are not from this world, you are unworthy – said the villagers.

He turned his head, and said to them, — My mind is made, I can finally see clear, I will not stop until I find a way to became a developer.

Everyone in the village were turning their heads and whispered when he was passing by. The general consent was that he has lost his mind. A lawyer quitting his job to became a developer, that is unheard of, he must be insane.

He prepared in silence, he climbed on his horse and never looked back. In his heart he had peace. The time has come for him to go on a quest to find the mythical realm of developers.

He wondered from town to town, from village to village, from one article to another, from one online course to another, seeking for a way for a lawyer to became a developer. He wondered long, from one programming language to another, until he heard about a man who lived in a cave near a small village who’s read the “1000 Why’s 1000 That’s why” book. So this man must have all the answers, the lawyer thought, I must see this man and beg for his wisdom. The cave was dark and creepy. The man was wise and old, as they usually tend to be.
– Excuse me – said the lawyer.
– Guaa ga haa – screamed the old man.
– What the …
– Sorry, my throat is killing me. I know what you seek not so young lawyer – with a scary voice said the old man. – You are searching for a way to become a developer.
The not so young lawyer was shocked.
– Can you help me o wise old man, can you help me find my way.
– First of all, I’m 27, it’s the damn light in this cave. Second, if you want to became a developer, you must seek the way of the Java. That is your destiny. The Java wizards are the most powerful of them all. Go to the Northern mountains, find the Java temple, and seek a Java master to teach you the ways of the Java.
– Thank you wise man, said the lawyer, I am going right away. He left the cave running. He came back instantly running as well. Just one question wise man, can you send me a Google maps pin on the location cause I have no idea how to get to the Northern mountains.
– Just follow the…, Ahhh add me on Viber, I’ll send you the location.

So our brave hero went on to find a Java master in the Northern mountains. The road was long and hard, but he finally arrived to the Java temple.

He stopped at the door, tired and scared to knock. How can I convince them to teach me, what if they hate lawyers. O my God, everyone hates lawyers.
Suddenly he heard steps behind him,
Hey dude, are you lost, do you need help – a man approached him.
I have arrived here to seek a Java master, to teach me the ways of the Java – responded the not so young lawyer with a trembling voice.
Ha, said the man, I am a Java master and I’ll be happy to teach you.
– What? That easy. I don’t have to go on some kind of impossible trials to prove I am worthy.
– No way dude – said the master. The thing with developers is that we are very happy to share our knowledge and teach others.
– But I don’t have proper education, I am also a lawyer. I thought I would have to sell my soul or something.
– What? If you want to learn the way of the Java just follow me.

The not so young lawyer spent months training. His head was full of variables, arrays, objects, abstract classes, strings and things he didn’t understand quite so well.

– Everything will come in place eventually if you keep learning and practicing – said the Java master one day. You must remember a few simple things if you want to be a developer. You must be willing to learn your whole life. Software is a dynamic category, the only mastery you’ll need is willingness to learn. You must always keep an open mind and accept advise. You must remember that the code you write will always have bugs and it can never be perfect. You must remember the way of sharing the knowledge, start writing a blog about what you are learning. Practice your craft daily, sites like and will help you with that. Read a lot, books like Head First Java, 2nd Edition – by Bert Bates, Kathy Sierra, Publisher: O’Reilly Media, Inc and Think Java: How to Think Like a Computer Scientist – Allen B. Downey, Chris Mayfield, Publisher: O’Reilly Media, Incorporated, 2016 are great place to start learning. If it is easier for you to learn watching video lessons find an online course, there is plenty out there. Complete Java Masterclass – online course on created by Tim Buchalka is great for beginners. You just have to decide to step on the road to become a developer, if you seek the recourses will find you. In the end, do not forget the Quarry workers credo “We who cut mere stones must always be envisioning cathedrals.” When writing code always have the bigger picture in mind.

The not so young lawyer was learning the ways of Java, he was able to write a “hello world” app in no time. Days have passed and his code got cleaner, the naming of his variables also got better. He was living on Java and coffee, becoming one with the code.

One day the master said to the lawyer that the time has come for him to search for a job. The master referred the not so young lawyer and an offer came. The not so young lawyer was scared again (he was very brave otherwise). What if I fail, I am not ready , he said to the Java master. You will never feel ready my not so young student, remember that you will learn your whole life. I know that you are ready, the time is now, believe in yourself.

The not so young lawyer started his way down the mountain. It was time for a job interview. He was shocked and scared. Will this be the end or the beginning. Time was passing and the interview was getting near….

To be continued…

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