The Legend of the Lawyer who became a Developer continues. We have left our not so young lawyer who was determined to became a developer shocked and scared, as he was preparing for the interview. The end or the beginning?

The day came and he climbed up the stairs to the palace. Little did he knew, the interview was the easy part, the scary stuff was waiting around the corner. The Den Of Developers was a noble institution, they received him kindly and respectably. The interview went great.

– You have passed the interview, stand up to be recognized Java Knight – said The Prime Developer.

– Now you are a Junior Java Knight, ready to to join the ranks of your brother Knights – he continued. But there is one last thing you must do, before you can really take your place as Java Knight, you must pass one final test. And I am afraid this is the hardest test for beginner developers that are self-taught coming from other professions. You must enter The Marsh Lands of Reflection and face the fiercest of all demons. The Demon of Self doubt. Be careful Knight, for many before you have perished, forever lost in the Marsh. Some came back with hollow eyes and kept walking never to return.

The night falls heavy in the Capital as our hero prepares to ride alone. But suddenly a familiar voice:

– A Java Knight never rides alone, we keep our brotherhood with our lives.

The Java Master was standing before him.

– We will ride with you to the Border Kingdom, but you must enter the Marsh and face this demon alone, because you are the only one who can see the foul beast.

The Chief Knight put his hand on his shoulder.

– We have all been through this my friend, only you can defeat your Demon of self doubt. You must remember your training, stand tall and give no quarter to that dark creature. The fallen brothers stand at your back where the living can’t roam, find will in their strength.

The Java Knights gathered all around them. They all hit with their right fist on the chest: For the Code!

– Let’s ride – said the Java Master.

They were riding all night and as the sun was rising behind them they arrived at the Border Kingdom. The Marsh Lands of Reflection appeared before their eyes. A dark place indeed.

– We will set up a camp here – said the Chief Knight. – And we will wait for you to came back victorious.

Cold sweat on his forehead, bit his hands are steady. The Junior Java Knight went straight to the entrance of the Marsh without hesitation.

– You can do this – said the Java Master – You’ve already did it, remember that. You know that you must have discipline and work daily, and you will succeed, do not let the Demon to find strength in your weakness. Your road has only begun.

– Thank you for everything Master. – said the Junior Java Knight and entered the Marsh.

He started walking through the Marsh with naive confidence. He wandered around for a whole day when he saw a man standing with his back towards him.

– Are you lost brother? – he asked the man.

But then, when the man turned towards him, our hero saw himself, like looking in the mirror.

– What kind of sorcery is this?

– I am not lost, but you are. You are lost in a place you don’t understand entirely. You left from everything you knew and came here, where you know nothing.

– No… – said the Junior Java Knight, but the Demon continued

– To start from zero. Junior, at your age, hilarious. Are you aware of the amount knowledge you need to do this job Java Knight? Of course you are. Deep down you know i am right. Deep down you know you will never be good enough. All of the Knights around you proved their name in battle, you now you don’t belong there.

The Junior Java Knight started to wonder whose thoughts are his and whose are the demon’s. What if this is true? What if he fails?

The Demon stretched his lips in a content smile. The Knight felt like he was sinking into the ground.

– You will never be worthy – the Demon continued – There is no way you can learn a programming language without a proper education, no one can change a career at your age.

The Junior Java Knight felt like he was drowning but something inside him snapped.

– No! You have no idea how wrong you are Demon.

He felt his strength returning as he remembered the Java Master’s words (imagine an amazing flashback scene here) Everything will come in place eventually if you keep learning and practicing“.

– I now that my road will be hard Demon but i fear you not, for I believe that if you work hard enough you can achieve anything.

– Your believing in your self will change nothing Knight, I will always be there, watching you from the shadows, waiting for you to slip in despair, every day – growled the Demon.

– It is not even about believing in yourself, it is about believing in eminent progress based on everyday work. If you do the work the results will came. I will be ready for you Demon. Today I win, see you tomorrow – said the Knight as he turned his back to the Demon.

The Knight started walking back towards his fellow Knights truly understanding the difficulty of this last test. This will be an everyday struggle, constant battle. The Java master was waiting him at the edge of the Marsh.

– I will not let him win , I will not let the Demon of self-doubt win – said the Knight.

– I always had faith in you – replied the Master – Today was a great victory, but we don’t have time to celebrate. There is trouble in the Citadel, the Knights are ready, we must ride immediately.

– What is it?

– The time of the Green-eyed Dragon has came – said the Master. – I will be explaining along the way.

– Android? Ready as I can be – smiled the Knight and started running towards the others.

To be continued….

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