The object-oriented programming is created as a response to increasing complexity of the programs that caused problems for the process-oriented model of programing. Object-oriented programming organizes a program around its data (objects) and a set of well-defined interfaces to that data. An object-oriented program can be characterized as data controllingRead More →

Any program that uses a graphical user interface, such as a Java application written for Windows is event driven. Events are supported by a number of packages, including java.util, java.awt and java.awt.event. Most events to which your program will respond are generated when the user interacts whit a GUI basedRead More →

Transition instead of simple Animation in Android There is no need for animation effects on views in Android, no need for fast hardware for smooth transitions with these Transition features between activities giving your application stylish entrance. We need two separate Activities and their layout, let say StartActivity and EndActivity.Read More →