Just a bunch of developers and coding enthusiasts. People who can`t stop talking about Android, Java, iOS, Web Development, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, etc… We are trying to help beginners find their way into the programing world. We are open for collaboration, so if any of our readers have something to share, and would like to post it on the page, please contact us on denofdevelopers@gmail.com

Den of Developers are:




Viktor Jovanovski

Android Developer at HASELT

Anything mobile related, cross-platform enthusiast, camping when not coding.

You can contact him on Twitter or LinkedIn



Aleksandar Gulevski

Android Developer at HASELT

Experienced Android developer, working on providing end-to-end solutions for clients and company products. A dedicated lifelong learner and a Wheel of Time fan.

You can contact him on Twitter or LinkedIn.





Ice Carev

Senior DevOps Engineer at Swisscom

Java full-stack web developer with a lot of experience in the whole product cycle and life of a web application, mentor, teacher, friend, husband.

You can contact him on Twitter or LinkedIn




Irena Nojkova Angelova

Front-End Developer at Polar Cape


Front end developer, turning ideas into things you can click on. Main area of expertise react, but always working on expanding the skill set.

You can contact her on Twitter or LinkedIn.




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